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2017 International Agriculture Exhibition, an agricultural festival combining business and exchanges

Exhibition Features

  • The Leading Agricultural Exhibition in Korea with a 15-year history and heritage
  • Ideal Place to Share Cutting-Edge Technologies across the entire field of agriculture
  • Integrates various farming-related businesses, exhibitions and events

Global Seminars for international exchange of technologies
  • Gwangju Jeonnam Research Center.
  • Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research & Extension Services.
Special Events
  • Open Discussion on Agriculture
  • Farmer's Competition
  • Urban-Rural Experience Exchange
  • Standing Performance Program, etc.


Classification Main Details
Title 2017 International Agriculture Exhibition
Approved by the Korean Government
Theme Agriculture Changes the World.
Period Oct. 26 (Thu) - Nov. 5 (Sun). 2017. 11 days
International Business Day / Oct. 26 (Thu) - 28 (Sat). 3 days
Venue Jeollanam-do Agricultural Research & Extention Services (Sanpo-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea)
Host Jeollanam-do Province
Organized by Jeollanam-do International Agriculture Exhibition
Scale 5 Themes with 11 Exhibition and Sales Halls / 20 Countries 380 Participants
Main Events Agricultural Technology Exchange Festival [ Business, Exhibitions, Seminar, Activities and Events ]
Sponsor Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Rural Development Administration. NongHyup. Agricultural Organizations. etc.

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