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International Agriculture Exhibition 2021, combining business exchanges and festivals

Event Overview

Event Overview
Classification Main Details
Title International Agriculture Exhibition 2021
Theme Agriculture Changes the World.
[Smart Farming for the Future]
Date Oct. 21. (Thu) - Oct. 31. (Sun) 2021. 11 days
International Business Day / Oct. 21. (Thu) - Oct. 24. (Sun) / 4 days
Venue Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research Services, Naju-si Sanpo-myeon, Jeollanamdo
Host Jeollanamdo
Scales 500 participating groups from 40 countries / 492,000 visitors
Sponsor Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Rural Development Administration, NongHyup etc..

Purpose on Promotion

Introduces the Purpose on the promotion of the 2021 International Agriculture Exhibition.

Purpose of the Exhibition

Effectively with the fourth industrial revolution Changing times

Future Korean Agriculture Guidelines Need to be presented

Jeollanam-do is a rich agricultural area. Domestic agricultural production base

Excellent natural environment and conservation of agriculture and rural landscape

Direction for Progress

Future development of Jeollanam-do
'Blue Economy' Blue Agriculture and Fisheries

Response to climate changeAgricultural Research Complex

Advanced agricultural mechanization Creation of production complex
Zero Marine Waste System construction

Smart form Cluster Construction

Theme and slogan

  • ◎ 2016: the first year of the fourth industrial revolution
  • ◎ 2021: Declared as the first year of the settlement of smart agriculture through the International Agricultural Expo

    - The first year of concept change from the traditional industry to the high-tech service industry

    - Introducing the industry's central agricultural concept from the concept of simple production: culture, tourism, healing, food, health